Thursday, July 8, 2010

craiglist adventure!

Today I went on a quest to find a cooler to bring on our trip cross country....

The plan is to use a cooler to store food and drinks in so we dont have to buy all of our meals on the road! Economical, eh? :)

I began looking at (because amazon has everything) and found the ones I wanted to be 40+ dollars. Lame, right?!

And then there was craigslist--oh how I love thee! I ran a search and found the most perfect cooler for the most perfect price!

....and here is the obligatory first picture of the blog....



Can you believe it? Im clearly a little too excited but hey, its the little things right?

So now comes the fun part of naming it...I dont normally name inanimate objects but I was hanging with a friend tonight telling her all about my exciting cooler adventures and she said "So, you're gonna name it, right?" So now I'm naming it.... :)

Right now the front-runner name I think is Blythe so as you can see, it's not looking too good. But-with the help of my trusty readers (all 2 of you maybe?), I wonder if we can come up with anything better. Any suggestions?

(25 days and counting)


1 comment:

  1. I usually name things based on the first letter of the object's ACTUAL a C name would probably be a good start. Or a blue name...since your cooler is blue.