Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1

Well--I can now safely say that I am no longer a California resident!

Today (Monday) started horribly early in order to get everything cleaned, packed, and ready to go and we managed to be on the road with starbucks in hand and a full tank of gas by 6a.

The best part about that whole process was the starbucks that we ended up getting for free because I have become sorta friends with one of the barista's since I am somewhat of a regular. :)

We managed to dodge a few awful drivers and made it to a rest stop just outside of Winnemucca by 12p. Up until this point the trip had been really smooth but I can say the second half got very long shortly after making a wrong turn after lunch. (lame sauce!)

We finally made it to Boise by 7p (6p California time) this evening and enjoyed a delicious homecooked meal with an old friend and roommate and her family. They were all so wonderful and all of her kids are just so adorable! (8 month old twins and a 3 1/2 year old) Thanks again Jason and Annemarie!

Im now nice and snuggled up with O'Malley at my friend Jordan's house here in Boise. Tomorrow's plan is to show Walker a little bit of Boise in the morning and then go see some more old friends late morning/early afternoon before heading off to West Yellowstone, MT.

Oh, and the O'Malley update!! The long and short of it is that he is so adorable! and is doing great handling the drive....sedatives for cats on long road trips are wonderful things! ;) He is so happy to be able to roam free a little bit here and is being such a love bug tonight. Too bad he has no idea that he has 10 more days of looking forward to it though! hehe

hopefully I will have a chance to include some pictures next update if not shortly after! ;)

talk to you from MT-


  1. so happy to hear it's going relatively smoothly! jack misses his Barbah and nanya both (as does his mommy!!) Love ya!!!

  2. Poor Jana, she sure misses you. Had a bad night and Jack didn't sound any happier this morning. Drive safely. Now I have one more thing to worry about!!! Thank you for all you did for the Weavers. Affectionatly (e?) Susanne

  3. Good to see you last night... have so much fun!

  4. It's weird to think that you aren't in San Jose anymore!