Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 10-Wednesday, August 11th

The last day of our trip!!

We drove from PA to NY and managed to get into Manhattan with hardly any traffic at all! We stopped in Manhattan to have lunch with my cousin which was really fun and the location was awesome....we went to this little restaurant hidden away that’s right next to the Hudson river!

After NY we headed up to CT and stopped at one of Walker’s friend’s house to pick something up and then stopped in at my mom and Bobby’s house for a quick hello and dinner. O’Malley got to meet my favorite doggie Tillie also! :P

After that we headed up to Walker’s house and I dropped him off there, which concluded his 3 months of travel, and began my trek to my “home” is Mass.

I got there long after dark so didn’t have a chance to see the outside but unloaded everything from the car and brought it into the house and just kind of wandered around for a while....the house is really cute! I got to talk to my friend Mariko back in Cali and then went to sleep!

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