Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 7-Sunday, Aug. 8th

Marquetta got up this morning and made us a delicious breakfast that we were able to enjoy before getting on the road this morning at about 6:30. Dan got up before we left as well to say goodbye. I love them and am so happy we got to see them on our trek across the country! ☺

It was a pretty easy drive into Chicago until we hit traffic, which was just the worst thing ever! Ok, not really....but it was still unbearably irritating!

We arrived at the Red Roof Inn here in downtown Chicago finally and I must say that this hotel is way nicer than I was anticipating! Plus, they let pets stay for free so that makes me and O’Malley happy. ☺

We met my friend Amy and her sister down at Millennium park and saw the fountains, the bean, and the concert venue that’s all down there. There is also this cool spot where you can stick your feet in the water and sit which was super refreshing! (the humidity was out with a vegence!) After being in Chicago in December, I can safely say that it looks extremely different now! ....and the weather is slightly different too ;) Here are some pics our time in Millennium park.....

first here is a picture of the river as we walked from our hotel to Millenium park

the fountains at Millenium Park (the faces blink!)

then bean! :)

us and the bean....

the bean with the city behind it

me and Walker in front of the super cool concert area!

After that we headed over to Navy Pier, rode the Ferris wheel, and basically just walked around. Oh! and had delicious churros ;) The cityscape is just so neat to look back at from the pier! In is a pic of me and Amy and her sister Grace with the city behind us.....

cool, right?!

After navy pier we said goodbye (which Amy and I were not happy about!), and Walker and I headed to the theater district and went to dinner at Peterino’s. Sooooo good! I went there back in December with my friend Craig and am so glad I went back this time as was just delicious!

Then we walked back to the hotel and got to cross over the river again....look how pretty it is!

the riverwalk at night

and now here we are....Walker is asleep as I attempt to catch up on this blog! ☺

We have just a couple of days left before I will be “home” to my new home of Mass. I’m really looking forward to getting there but definitely am planning on enjoying these last 2 ½ days or so. Tomorrow we are headed to OH, Tuesday to PA, and then Wednesday to my “home” in Ma.

And one other brief thing...O’Malley is being such a great traveler this whole time!! He has some sedatives that take the edge off which has been a great thing for all of us! So, he just chills in his crate in the car and it’s almost as if he doesn’t exist whenever we are in the car! Seriously....he is practically silent! And he’s adorable ☺ So, yay O’Malley!

next update: Beavercreek, OH

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