Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 8-Monday, August 9th

We got out of Chicago this morning with minimal traffic and a couple bags of popcorn from “Garrett's” and headed to Ohio! (Garrett's is the best popcorn unbearably delicious!)

We arrived there at 4:30p or so and had just enough time to unpack the car before everyone started showing up for dinner! We stayed with Pam and Ed and they graciously invited some other people over to dinner that I wanted to see so there ended up being 9 of us over for dinner. The dinner was sooo good! (It had a little but of a California flare to it as well which was fun!) ....and we had a great time chatting through the whole meal as well.

This post unfortunately has no pictures so go along with it and from after dinner until about 2a all I did was sit and visit with people. But nonetheless, I had such a great time with each and every person that was over at the house and am so glad we were able to stop there as well.

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