Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 2- August 3rd

Well, we finally arrived here in West Yellowstone after a full but fun day!

Walker and I headed off to downtown Boise this morning so I could show him some of the sights....all 2 of them! :P j/k

Then while we were downtown we decided to take my car into the shop because it was making kind of a funky noise still from the day before. So we took it in and realized that there my left front tire had literally been flattened on one side and there was a gash in the tire as well.

What had happened the day before was Walker was driving just outside of Sacramento and someone randomly changed into our lane and immediately decided to slam on the brakes. So...Walker followed suit except we thought surely we were going to crash! We somehow managed to jerk out of the lane just before hitting the stupid car that cut us off. We immediately pulled off the freeway to make sure everything was ok, and it looked ok despite this noise, which ended up being the tires getting flattened!

So going back to the tire ended up that we had killed our two front tires when we had to brake so hard and then the others had worn tread. So we walked out from Commercial tire 45 minutes after we arrived with 4 brand new tires.

Next stop was a really close family that Im friends with...the Weber’s! Our visit there was very very sweet! I had a great time looking at some photo albums with mom Diane and with daughter Amanda. Got to see the “baby” of the family who is now 8 and unbearably excited about life and made sure to tell us all about his pet turtle. Got some real sweet time with dad Don as well.

After the Weber’s we headed over to the Armstrong’s for a quick hello, which also was very sweet. (starting to notice a theme?) We played the catch up game there and I got some fabulous hugs in addition to some homemade snacks that mom Mary gave us. Oh! and while we were there dad Dana showed us a shortcut from Boise to West Yellowstone that he said would be more beautiful....he was so right! It made the drive really scenic, but I will tall you more about that in a bit ;)

Then we were off to sushi lunch with an old roommate Jess. It was fun to see her again and just basically get caught up on things for an hr. It’s amazing how our lives have changed since we lived together in 2004! I love her and hope our next lunch date is sooner than this last one was.

We finally headed out of Boise onto West Yellowstone and really enjoyed the drive. Walker and I had this ongoing joke about the “historical sites” because there would be a road sign indicating a turnout for a historical site and every time it was just a sign about nothing really. But, it kept us somewhat entertained for the 6 hours!

"historical site"

Also along the way we saw Craters of the Moon National monument which was so cool! Basically, there was this mountain in the distance that used to be a volcano and on the ground there was lava beds everywhere. My camera died just in time for the really good pictures....but here is one. If you look to the right you can see some of the lava bed.

It was really cool!

We finally arrived here a little after 10p and I am so looking forward to sleep very soon and Yellowstone tomorrow!

goodnight ;)


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