Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 4- August 5th

We got on the road this morning at about 5:30a and are still headed to Custer State park.....Im using these hours of driving to write these blog posts! ;)

It was another morning of “extreme beauty” and at this point we are about 2 hours out of the State Game Lodge which is where we will be staying tonight in Custer State park.

So—there’s not much to update really about today because thus far it has only been driving. But-not to worry!! We are planning on either hitting up Rushmore or Crazy Horse once we pull in this afternoon and we have a morning full of activities tomorrow as well so there will be plenty to update then!

Until the next update-

update: Im finally at a place with internet!! we had a great evening and morning here in Custer but we are headed out for now so I will have to give you the full update for Day 4 later!

next stop: Badlands National Park!

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